We are Salsa Shop

Our dream is to bring banging burritos to your block, and be the Freshest Mexican Kitchen in Europe. We’ve been rolling hard since 2014, and now, with at least 10 Shops in multiple cities, it feels like we’re just getting started.

We are Salsa Shop

Our Salsa story

We only need one bite…



And then… You laugh. Your mouth’s watering. Everything sounds better. Smells nicer. Feels softer. And tastes a-ma-zing. HALLELUJAH! Is this heaven?! No. It’s Salsa Shop: the freshest Mexican, just around the corner.


Don’t call us trendy. Call us flavour-driven. Fresh taste is our keystone and quality our ace. It defines us. It’s that simple. We’re not here for a quick buck. We’re in it to win it.


So that’s exactly what we do. Every single bite. Every single meal. Every single day. Our freshperts are here to prepare your banging burritos and tickle your taste buds. It’s all freaking fresh, bloody tasty, and 100% homemade.

Our values


(for now)


Dear Salsa Shop fans, all shops are closed until further notice (no delivery or take out)! Our team is safely at home sitting out this storm and preparing to ramp up to full speed once we open our doors again! Stay safe, eat well and see you all soon! Keep an eye on our socials for updates.


All the best, Salsa Shop Team!