Our Story

“Good food, fast”

We set a new standard for fast-food: ‘Good food, fast’.
Freshly made, quick Mexican meals with the tastiest & most natural ingredients, served in an open and friendly environment.

Once upon a time in Mexico, eh, we mean Amsterdam…

Travelling through Mexico and spending several years in the United States, we discovered the authentic taste of fresh Mexican food. This was unlike anything we had ever tasted before in Amsterdam, the Netherlands or Europe.

Despite many risks and naysayers, we – four childhood friends – wanted to set out on an adventure and designed a restaurant based on one simple principle: ‘Good food, fast’.

That is how our Salsa story began and it comes to life with our healthy and delicious Mexican cuisine, which is tailored to your liking.

You may call it crazy. You may call it rebellious. We call it passion.

SALSA SHOP: the Fresh Mexican Kitchen is open to satisfy your appetite.

We welcome you to stop by and let our taste take you by surprise.

What we stand for

“We believe in revolutionizing the eat-in- and take-out market
and strive to become the leading fresh food chain in the Netherlands and beyond!”

Approved by Mexico

In order to guarantee our delicious taste at SALSA SHOP, we searched for the best Mexican chef. A long search led us to a sweet but spicy chef, born and raised in Mexico, who embraces the passion for food that SALSA SHOP stands for. Her secret family recipes will make you wonder how you ever lived without it. So, visit SALSA SHOP to create your favorite meal with tasty, fresh ingredients, topped with our signature “secret recipe” salsas.

At SALSA SHOP, what you see is what we wrap.
Come watch our super-chefs work their magic in the open kitchen at our first location in the heart of Amsterdam, just off Rembrandt-square.

All our food is prepared in front of you while you wait, using the freshest & most natural ingredients that literally burst with flavor. For example, we marinate our tender chicken and mouthwatering steak in our tempting, secret adobo blend rub before grilling them to perfection before your very eyes. And our pork is oven-braised for hours until it’s pulled apart tender and then pan-seared.

We have plenty of space to eat-in, but you can also take our meals home or order online.

Whatever suits you, hombre(tte)!


We are always looking for fresh and food-loving people to join our enthusiastic staff